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Professor Teaches Music Technology to Youth

Raney Antoine, Jr. is a committed educator that exemplifies passion in the clasroom and in the studio. This talented musician/producer s a professor at Hip Hop and R&B at Loyola University. This Fall, Raney has connected with Studio Express to be a part of developing its music technology curriculum for young budding audio professionals. His approach is always to help students easily and readily grasp the materials while growing musically. "I believe our teaching and curriculum team are the keys to our success," says Tara Alexander, Executive Director. "Our content must give our young creatives a solid foundation to grow their careers. Raney's experience in production, the classroom and even film gives him a well of knowledge to pull from. My hope is that his participation will be an encouragement for others to come and share their nuggets with our students." Raney Antoine's bio includes production and writing on several projects including 8:46, the commissioned composition debuted on Washington D.C.’s National Mall in Fall 2020 with architectural installation “Society’s Cage”. It is a social justice tribute to the life of George Floyd. For More Information about Studio Express contact us at

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